Abe and rebecca dating

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Although Jeremiah believes he’ll become “the first Amish version of Donald Trump,” owning real estate can also be very stressful and take a toll on a marriage.

Abe’s wife Rebecca isn’t thrilled with the idea of a road trip.

Meanwhile, Carmela is happy with the work Jeremiah has done on the house.

Here’s a screen capture of the Register of Actions: The post garnered a couple comments from people claiming to be friends of Rufus Hostetler’s confirming that this Rebecca Byler was the same as the Rebecca from Breaking Amish.

The Indiana Gazette (of Indiana, Pennsylvania) lists the couple as filing for a marriage license on March 22, 2010.

She thinks the road trip is just a way for her mother-in-law Mary to do more gambling. [11 Movies About The Amish — Dramas, Thrillers, Comedies] Mary says she doesn’t have a problem and tries to explain the difference between her and a gambling addict.

“Addicts are always borrowing money and spending money they don’t have,” says Mary.

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