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Ever since that state approved the Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act in 1998, which prohibited the sale of "any device designed or marketed as useful for the stimulation of human genital organs," humorists have mocked the statute while many Alabamans with common sense have tried to downplay its significance.

In 1997, the District Attorney of Madison County, Tim Morgan, told reporters that enforcing the ban was "a pretty low priority" and contrasted dildo dealing with "real crimes" that needed prosecution, while the conservative-leaning of Mobile has called for repeal of the law on the grounds that it "makes Alabama look foolish." However, after an eleven-year court battle that climaxed on September 11, 2009, when the Alabama Supreme Court upheld the law in , Alabamans who sell sex toys -- even inside so-called "adult oriented" businesses -- face up to a year in prison and a ,000 fine. Opponents of the measure should not take this judicial defeat lying down.

Darkness is creeping out of hiding and it's up to the Warlords and their Thanes to protect the kingdom.

Thane Philip Coulson runs Lord Fury's holding, but he never expects to find himself married to Lord Clinton Barton as part of a plan to thwart Loki's yet unknown scheme.

The Conservative MP for Croydon Central who was returned to parliament earlier this month with a massive 165-vote majority has been reported by Mail Online, the newspaper’s interweb operation, as having his Wikipedia profile altered before the election to make him more electable. Now either Inside Croydon has missed something very significant in gaffe-prone Gav’s career, or the nice people at Derry Street might soon be getting a letter on behalf of Barwell from Messrs Sue, Grabbit and Runne.‘s website always like to include as many “hot” words – like “sex” and “scandal” – to drive as many eyeballs to their site as possible.

This report is far from original journalism (as is acknowledged down the piece).

Since Dave Ross, my former co-host, left the show in March, I’ve experienced a marvelous uptick in how many people hate me, my work and my show.

Barwell was re-elected with the support of of the electorate of Croydon Central.

He is indeed notorious for having had his Wikipedia entry edited from a computer within the House of Commons.

Forever and ever I will know that I cannot please everyone.

And when I evolve, as we humans tend to do within our lifetime, some people’s expectations about what I provide them as a humongous sex nerd will not be met. I find this email hilarious, though I am not laughing. It let me take a moment to survey my work this last while and feel like, yeah, I may beat myself up at times for not being perfect or the best or the most anything other than me, but damn it, I’ve been true to us.

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